Coconut Husk Planters

"Niu"= Coconut in ‘ōlelo Hawai‘i (the Hawaiian language)

  • Husk thickness

  • surface texture

  • height

  • Shape of opening

    Some are round, some are not, based on how the coconut husk has dried.

  • shape and color

    Some are round, some are tall and skinny

  • wire color 

    Heavy weight copper wire will darken and eventually turn a green color if exposed to salt air.  


Mauō of Coconut Husk Planters

The coconut tree, known as the "Tree of Life" in Hawaii, provides much more than water. Its various parts - from the fruit to the leaves and trunk - offer numerous resources, symbolizing the interconnectedness and value of relationships and community in Hawaiian culture.

100% Hawaiian Coconuts

We started with, and continue to collect  coconuts that wash up on Kailua Beach and many beaches up the Windward coast of Oahu.  

Studio Grown

Over the years we have developed, and continue to develop, relationships with local Hawaii sources for coconuts.  This photo shows the fresh coconuts grown at studio B. C. FRaME. We drain the coconut water for ice cubes to use in smoothies, then dry the fresh husk to use in coco hangers.

Human Power 

Using the stroller, bike trailer, heavy bags, we hand carry all of the coconuts off the beach and roll home using our own bodies for power.  

If further up the coast, sometimes as far as Punaluu, we load in the back of the Toyota Prius Hybrid car.  

Learn about Mauō  

Washed in Rainwater

We collect wheelbarrows full of water from the roof, or lay out the coconuts for the rainwater to wash, and sometimes use the hose.  All of the wash water is used to water the flowers and plants of the workshop garden. 

Solar Powered

At studio B. C. FRaME we use photovoltaic panels to generate electricity to cut the coconuts!  


Finding coconuts on the beach, the coconut meat is usually rotten. We use this bi-product in our mulch to re-invigorate soil.  


Dried coconuts from our friends that live on Kailua Beach the coconut meat is usually fresh. We harvest, shred, and dry to use in our baking and meals!

Dried by the Sun

We use 100% Hawaiian sunshine to dry the coconuts.  

Fire Branded

We burn the brand into the coco planters!

Repurposed Packaging

We re-use boxes and bags for our packaging!

Family Helpers 

Like hunting for Easter eggs or chasing gekos, kids love to help find and collect the coconuts.

Marketing education

High school students arrange and photograph for marketing.  


We truly believe in the reciprocal nature of coconut,  providing food and materials for everyday survival.  When we find coconuts that have sprouted, we plant them!  


Polynesians first brought coconuts to Hawai'i over 1,000 years ago and used every part of the coconut tree for life, eating the coconut, drinking the nutrient rich water, using the coir husk to make the strongest rope for lashing the canoes, eating the heart of the palm, palm fronds woven for baskets and to protect from rain, sun, wind.   

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