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Skillfully entwined with #10 copper wire, this planter exudes tropical charm!

One-of-a-kind hanging planter pot crafted from 100% coconut husk grown in Kailua Beach.

Made since 2011, sold since 2014, perfect for all plants, 

Plants will root up to the inside within a few months and even start to feed off of the husk. Perfect for any planting medium. Remove from the hanging location for easy watering over the sink, CocoHangers are drilled for drainage. Within one minute the plant will be ready to re-hang.  

Photos showing plants are for demonstration purposes only, plants are not sold on b. C. FRaME Inc.

Available in different sizes.  Read the full details of how we make these!

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  • Shape of opening

    Some are round, some are not, based on how the coconut husk has dried.

  • shape and color

    Some are round, some are tall and skinny

  • wire color 

    Heavy weight copper wire will darken and eventually turn a green color if exposed to salt air.