Ma ka hana ka ʻike (through doing one learns)

Works by Brian Canevari, (B.Arch)

Bachelors of Architecture, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo 1993

ʻAʻohe pau ka ʻike i ka hālau hoʻokahi (Not all knowledge is taught in one school.)










Reflecting the bird migration over the San Francisco Delta region, custom lighting towers for Highway 99 over crossing as part of the public art commission designed by Brian Canevari in 2002, fabrication (Geiger Manufacturing) and installation 2008.


Horse Power 

Harkening back to the days of the Wild West, horses are running along Historic Route 99.

Sculpted in clay at scale by Brian Canevari, Kresyler & Associates photographed in 3-Dimensions and converted to Computer Numeric Control machinery to cut the 300 meter x 4 meter tall custom concrete formliner used in poured-in-place concrete wall, 2008.



Once a two lane road through rice fields, public art components naturally weave four consecutive intersections with colored asphalt following the second left turn lane, stamped and colored concrete crosswalks, and one custom designed pre-cast concrete panel creates a dynamic pattern for multiple soundwalls in the flat landscape. Public art commission in the year 2000.



Flowing waves of painted expanded steel mesh with finished edging create texture through shade and shadow on a sanitary water pump station fence as public art commission. Existing fence color was used for ease of maintenance for graffiti and general re-painting over the years. Designed, fabricated, installed 2001.

"Hana ka lima i ka hāʻawi" - "The hand gives, the hand receives."

Fire within

Give - arms raised and open

Take - arms lowered to the side

"The Downtown Flame of Renewal" designed, fabricated, and installed for New Years millennial celebration 1999/2000.




A.K.A. SWAVE table, Malibu beachfront architecture office conference table inspired by sand, bonfires on the beach, and the ebb and flow of the Pacific Ocean. Glass covered display in each corner. Custom design and fabrication, 1999. Maple wood top with poly/acrylic on A36 steel frame with rust patina and mix of boiled linseed oil and turpentine finish.


Process driven

Iterative process at studio B. C. FRaME exemplified here for SWAVE Table. From client program, writing, sketches, to sculpting live, creations come together and are modified along the journey to completion. Client may choose only two of the three outcome factors, "cost", "quantity", and "quality" with the third controlled by the other two.



Living on an island means waste should be converted to functional items. Here, for "Chops" table, a center spine of local Monkey Pod wood combines with mahogany wood reclaimed from a demolition project.



Inspired by nature and chopsticks, the structure underneath uses pressure pivot points to transfer the load to the stable center, 2008. Natural bee's wax finish.



Glass display boxes at each end, and a center frame that can be swapped out for a candle, the "Yoke Table for an Architect in Santa Monica, California stimulates conversation and dynamic fun. Butcher block scraps, A36 steel frame, farming plow disk for table base with leather scraps connected by rivets for floor protection.



Scrap hard wood truncated triangular pieces form a pentagon table top ready for legs. Top measures 46" (116cm) on four sides, 32" (81cm) on one side.

Available for commission to complete, please contact us today.

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Quilt-like patchwork of Mahogany and Monkey Pod scraps, inspired by mathematics and the view of fields from an airplane window.

Standing table with height adjustability, one side has rollers so that user can lift one side and roll to a new location. The legs without rollers re-use the bottoms of wooden crutches found on the roadside.



Brian learned from the best crafters and finishers in Italy.

Using scrap from the throw-away bin while working at an Italian furniture factory, Brian stayed after work to create this wishbone legged writing table.

A nearby shop owner invited Brian to bring the table in for finishing - to learn from his master named Grebau - and a lifetime friendship began.




Combine Kailua Beach driftwood, heavy reclaimed copper wire, and dried coconut husk to form gorgeous timeless hanging planters on a brass swivel.

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Iconic Gesture of Thought Sculptures (IGOTS) created along a one year backpacking trip through Southern and Eastern Africa, 1996. Found rusted steel and high tension wire, the height of the IGOTS is approximate to the width of an adult's wrist.

Collection viewing available upon request. Each "piece" is available for a scaling to larger sculpture as a commission.

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Through sketches and writing we document each step of the process. Here you see the original catalog identifying date and location of creation with small doodle, each "piece" was sewn to a piece of cardboard and labeled. Name cards and 4" x 5" photographs were created when back at the studio in the USA.


BaRump BaRump

In California's wine country, doors to the "Temple of the Holy Horse", silicon bronze and rusted steel combine for an abstraction of running horses and clouded sky. Hardware blocks for the silicon bronze cane pins and inserts into the stone flooring were precision machined. Design and fabrication by Brian Canevari, 1999. Fourteen feet wide x 17 feet tall (4.2 meters x 5.2 meters)



Sometimes it's not what we sculpt with chisel and hammer, but rather what an artist can see in nature.



Using discarded "snap-ties" steel rod, the elephant's trunk wraps around the wood post for a self-supporting sculptural sign.


Welding bits and pieces in experimentation.



A three dimensional bunch of grapes.



Everywhere, everything, sketches and watercolors along journeys to understand place and culture around the world. Sketches started on location and finished back at the studio.

Collections from: USA, Italy, Republic Of Korea, Japan, Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand.

ānā i ke kumu (Look to the source.)


Connecting cultural understanding to design and functional art, extensive travel feeds the work of Brian Canevari, a desire to learn about the people, and their culture, he works for.

Forming the crescent of Asia, this map locates major cities Brian travelled and sketched on one week trips between 2012-2018.

Ink and watercolor

Life scenes surrounding Hanoi, Vietnam come to life on heavyweight, acid free, watercolor paper starting with view selection, unique perspective. Brian uses permanent ink fine tip pens (Rapidiograph and Copic) and European "artist grade" water colors.


As always with art, meaning and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Selecting the perspective and focal point of each sketch, Brian shares his unique talent of seeing, seeking to communicate beyond the superficial lines and shapes.


Using color and freehand sketches to effectively communicate ideas opens opportunities to explore many options. This exercise creates solutions that are convincingly well thought out.




With over ten trips to Japan in the last 15 years, B.C. FRaME Inc. is committed to working in the Japanese market!

B.C. FRaME Inc. exhibited at Tokyo International Gift Show (TIGS) 2022, and will again in 2023, with the "Hawaii Pavilion".

CocoPlanters have been wildly popular with the Japanese visitor to Honolulu since 2016 introduction at Paiko Floral Boutique in Kaka'ako.

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Gallery OMAE

Gently rotating in the springtime breezes of Insadong, Seoul, Republic of Korea, these CocoDrifters and CocoHangers formed a show viewable from inside or outside OMAE Gallery. The plants in this photo were selected and purchased by Brian from multiple vendors in the outdoor plant market approximately 30 minutes walking distance from the gallery. March of 2016.


Tokyo Design Week

First international exhibition and sales, Brian was selected to exhibit alongside prominent architects and designers from Japan and worldwide. Hugely successful, this show led to the gallery show in Seoul and multiple trips to Japan afterwards seeking to enter the Japan market.

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Out of Africa

Sketches and sculptures from a 12 month backpacking trip trough southern and Eastern Africa, displayed with custom frames and hanging display system.

DESIGN, sometimes BUILD


Hang out

Designed for function and durability, concrete block walls, concrete columns, metal roll-up doors, stained and sealed heavy timber, and metal roof are not so standard for a barn. Aside the animal stalls, hay storage, and tractor workshop, long before the "man cave" trend, Bill's barn was designed to serve 5 PM refreshments in the "tack" room. Design and permit set of drawings by Brian Canevari, 1998.



History meets modern, rain stays out, light comes in, with this timeless design and beautifully welded steel frame in Tuscany, Italy. Design and fabrication by Brian Canevari.



With property being scarce in the San Francisco Bay Area, this project raised an existing home to add a complete new floor underneath.

Brian drafted the planning and construction documents, worked alongside the contractor as the welder of front and rear stairs with wrap around galvanized steel deck.



TerraCotta, baked earth, tiles form a patio in Tuscany.