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Perfect for tabletop, shelf, desk..... テーブルや棚、デスクなどにぴったり

Like fingerprints, each CocoPlanter is unique.  The variabilities include Husk thickness, surface texture, and height.  You are encouraged to see the photos and read the details here.

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  • Husk thickness

  • surface texture

  • Height

"The 'niu,' or coconut, was brought to Hawai’i as a food source by Polynesian explorers over 1,000 years ago; and though O'ahu is still home to many thousands of coconut palms, very few of them are allowed to bear fruit for fear the nuts could fall and injure people." 

- National Association of State Foresters

The coconut tree, known as the "Tree of Life" in Hawaii, provides much more than water. Its various parts - from the fruit to the leaves and trunk - offer numerous resources, symbolizing the interconnectedness and value of relationships and community in Hawaiian culture.